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29 December 2013 @ 11:13 pm
Last decision made after OOR tour.. Glad that I decided to go for this, tho some work related problems occurred couple days before and almost made me decide to cancel it.. *thank God I didn't take that decision*

The opening from Aspectrum, a local band which has Indonesian member, (Rino Darusman [ba]). Youngsters, full of energy, very confident.. keep it up guys!! you already have the sense on the stage (more about the band >> aspectrum.bandcamp).

Then it's ストレイテナーtime.... drained my energy to their 1 hour performance.. can't get out Shinpei's smile out off my head.. also Hinatch wiggly, OJ's charm and of course Horie-sama's coolness.. Sing along, shouting, jumping, waving hand.. too much energy I used for them, made me a bit tone down at Ajikan.

Yet during ajikan, Shinpei and Horie kept standing on the side of the stage, taking pictures and I easily get distracted esp, after their performance. Shinpei even sing along at some ajikan songs and dance to it.. Feeling a bit guilty to ajikan coz only hype at their old songs that familiar to me due to exhaustion.. But both bands are great! Awesome night..

and as a bonus........
Shinpei Straightener
A smile I will never forget.. asking whether I can get his drumstick but he said no and I'm pouting in front of his face *feel ashamed at myself* but manage to tell him to come back with Marcy (the Bawdies). I even declare that I'm the Bawdies fans to him *bad fans,, gomen na Shinpei-san*

Another random trip which gave a chance off meeting up with new people.. An unforgettable night with new people, people with the same interest and even a completely stranger...thank you for the wonderful talk and laugh fellas.. let's meet again when they come here *hidden wish* XD
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29 December 2013 @ 10:17 pm
If OOR had a world tour, me and my friends also had a small SEA tour.. Maybe some said it was a waste of money.. They come to our country in the end.. But the sensation of different venue, the experience met up with new friends, things that you can get when traveling.. it makes everything worth any penny..
Short comment about the trip.. a record of not staying at any hostels.. spent the night on bus or at the airport.. tired indeed but what the hell.... XDD
And about the lives itself... [KL] A try out performance, since it's the first time.. very professional, great as usual.. and nice crowd.. [SG] All out since it's their second time, they expect more and the crowds met with their expectations.. I think they already feel comfortable with the crowd, it felt like they're playing at their own home.. [JKT] They expect some but the crowds gives more!! Aside from this is my hometown, but I saw satisfactory from their faces..

That's all from the tour.. till we meet again for the next tour... and please any plan you make for next year, just be the true you.. 真直と誠実なバンド
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26 October 2013 @ 06:01 pm

Just try to put some of the awesomeness of my previous trip..
A trip I spent with my "partner in crime" wordofophelia *thank you so much for fulfilling my selfishness*

It was NOT.. a short trip.. Spent almost 2weeks in the place of my dream.. *夢の場所* Going to new places, getting lost, searching new stuff, meeting new people/new friends.. Like the title said...

Everyday is an Adventure..Collapse )

Nb: took me a whole week to write this.. Damn you work load T_T boohoo.. *long holiday syndrome*

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06 July 2013 @ 11:19 pm
Here's a song from MFS latest single 最終回STORY...
3rd track on the single...

Hana -0714-Collapse )

nb: I just know that this title can be red as 離れないよ (hanarenaiyo). *Wouldn't know this if Hiroki didn't said it at Liquidroom*
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Taken from OOR's latest album 人生x僕=

Lyrics & Translation...Collapse )
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05 March 2013 @ 02:20 pm
Another song from MFS 2nd Album..

Lyrics & TranslationCollapse )
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Introduce you to My First Story.
The vocalist is Taka's (OOR) little brother. Well have to admit I know this band because of this fact, but I like them not because the vocalist is hiroki (still rmember him on ya-ya-yah interviewing kat-tun) but I really love their music.. Sho, Nob, Massack and Teruki are great!

Here's a song from their second album The Story is My Life.. a ballad, full of whispering, a painful song.. feedback will be well appreciated.
Lyrics & TranslationCollapse )
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08 June 2012 @ 02:26 pm
Attracted to this new band lately..
Like their 1st two single and LOVE their 3rd one ♥
Moreover when they sang Caress of Venus in 3 language..

Here's a song from the 3rd single Escape..Collapse )
it's 98% English, 2% Japanese..

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06 May 2012 @ 11:09 am
before I start to write things out, I shall pledge not to shed any tears while writing.. and hope that I can start to move on after write all..
not like the part 1 in BKK where I let the picture do the talk, in CGK I might rambling all in words (there might be lots of grammar mistakes here)..

1.. 2.. 3.. *take a deep breath* let's write..Collapse )
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This song is one of the song in NICO's Humania Album..

This one is actually my favorite even if this song song is sooooo~ cheesy.. LOL
in M-ON special, micchan said that he dedicated this song to himself as a present for his 26th bday.. and declare that this is the most romantic song in the album..

since I have to retyped the lyrics, I think I'm gonna post the translation first.
please be note that the translation is not per sentence, this time I try to rephrase the words as in one story..

who is agree with me that this is one of cheesy but sweet love song?Collapse )
the kanji and the romaji will follow..
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