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10 August 2015 @ 01:44 am
Day of Sky  

2nd day of For Roots live in Oizumi Ryokuchi.

The theme today is Day of Sky. Today's sky is so bright so it fits with the theme. we went to the venue a bit noon and go straight to Yamachan Takoyaki stall in the flumpool's forest (it's the band favourite takoyaki, the real store is in Abeno-Tennoji area).

after that, we're just sitting under the tree in order to avoid the heat while listening to the rehearsal. we went in around 2, since this time we get not so good block (C3 #470ish) we plan to stay at really back so when the car pass thru we can get a closer look.

The opening is still the same, start with natsu dive continued with Quville.. *You molest yourself too much ryuta!* Can't believe I see it! that gesture.. *and I thought that yesterday was already hot* hahaha.. All went well today, no rain but the sun is freakin hot. They played more of the famous songs today. not getting teary at the songs, maybe because I've already get their support yesterday.. ohh they also played new coupling song from single, it called kimi ga ita kara.

During the break, I saw the manager-san behind me. Manage to say hi to him, I wish he recognize us as foreign fans :p

now I need to get my feet rest, already got blisters everywhere. made me difficult to walk.. :(

But anyway, I LOVE THIS TIME with flumpool

今、泣いて泣いていい。明日は晴れるから - きみがいたから