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31 December 2013 @ 11:59 pm
Last entry on 2013  
Just a recap on the events I went this year...

Started with Geinin event and ends with Dragon babies at festival in Jakarta :)
1. Tutorialism IV + Asia @*SCAPE Warehouse - January 25
2. Music Matters Live 2013 SID, flumpool, Weaver @Fountain stage Clarke Quay & Beer Market - May 23
3. flumpool Experience showcase @Shanghai Dolly - May 24
4. Dream Festival 2013 The Bawdies, Nico Touches the Walls, OOR, Androp, 9mm, White Ash @Yoyogi National Gym - September 22
5. Space Shower the World Straightener, The Back Horn, Bigmama, Tokyo Karankoron, The Salovers, Sakanamon @Hibiya open air - September 23
6. My First Story The Ending of The Beginning Tour Final @Liquidroom - September 28
7. Champagne We Don't Learn Anything Tour @Hip Shot Koriyama - September 29
8. flumpool 5th Anniversary For Our 1.826 Days & Your 43.824 Hours @Nippon Budokan - October 1, 2
9. OOR Who are you?? Who are we?? Tour @KL Live @Hardrock Coliseum @Lap. parkir Kolam Renang Senayan - November 21, 22, 24

10. JMusicLab Kaname Kawabata, TarO&Jiro @The Only One Club fx - November 16, December 7
11. Hyper Wave Festival Vamps @Lap. parkir Kolam Renang Senayan - November 29
12. Totalfat @Jakcloth Senayan - December 6
13. Earth x Heart Tokyo FM present AKG - Straightener 10th Anniversary Asia Circuit @*SCAPE Ground Theater - December 20
14. Weaver @Indonesia Japan Expo Kemayoran - December 22

Wow... なんかいっぱいあるね... 気付かなかった 笑
This year achievement was definitely me going to Japan.. twice.. ho ho ho. One was because of office trip, the other one was my selfishness of wanted to witness the 5th anniversary at 夢の場所.. It should be 3 times, but due my own stupidity -_-" oh well, just not my luck.. may it be repaid next year..

My wish for next year definitely going to more events and lives but still have a decent saving.. du du du ちょっと無理かもねでもできるだけ貯金していまーす and in additional getting more healthier :p

happy new year copy
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