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24 February 1988
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here's my jikoshoukai..
to all you guys see this LJ..
this LJ belong to a girl named wicHa..
she's from Jakarta, Indonesia.. such a hot and hectic city..
currently unemployed (only if you considered teaching private is not a job)... working at advertising agency (but still teaching and a full time fangirl)..
graduated from Mathematics major Universitas Indonesia..
likes to listen to the music (any genre, as long it's "sing along song"able)
likes to watch dorama a lot.. and that makes her like a lot of bishie..
her top 5 guys are :
1. Tetsuya Ogawa - L'arc en Ciel (still love him, though he's already married.. he still the best leader..)
2. Matsumoto Jun - 嵐 (love him as sawada shin in gokusen.. and getting more and more love him in SMILE..)
3. Mizushima Hiro (the second guy who left her, married.. such a perfect romantic guy.. *married to his wife coz he want to protect her*)
4. Ueda Tatsuya - KAT-TUN (the most pretty japanesse boys she's ever adore..  )
5. for right now this slot is filled by Sakurai Sho - 嵐 (just like him everytime she saw arashi's variety show.. smart but often get ijime..)
beside those 5 guys there still much more bishie to follow, such as; yaotome hikaru (wanna make him as an ototou), yabu kota, okada junichi, yuuta hiraoka, narimya hiroki, matsuda shota, mukai osamu, yamamoto yusuke, kaname jun, yamashita tomohisa, ikuta toma, koyama keiichiro, yamada ryosuke, kimura takuya, and many more..

as the result from watching so many dorama... it's make her addict to it..

not forget to mention, wicha is a member of these forum..
cielers.net (nick: w1eq4)
larcology.proboards.com (w13q4 - tetsujun)
kattunesia.999.org (ueda's hime)
kazoku-community.com (tetsu69ers)
rantarou.web.id (tetsu69ers)
just active in those 5 forums.. but still have a lot of account using tetsu69ers name..

if you're belong to those forum, feel free to add her.. also if you share the same interest with her..

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