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02 July 2020 @ 09:57 am
I just realize.. after posting for about 5 entries I haven't introduce myself ..

sooo.. here's jikoshoukai..
to all you guys see this LJ..
this LJ belong to a girl named wicHa..
she's from Jakarta, Indonesia.. such a hot and hectic city..
currently unemployed (only if you considered teaching private is not a job)... working at advertising agency (but still teaching and a full time fangirl)..
graduated from Mathematics major Universitas Indonesia..
likes to listen to the music (any genre, as long it's "sing along song"able)
likes to watch dorama a lot.. and that makes her like a lot of bishie..
her top 5 guys are :
1. Tetsuya Ogawa - L'arc en Ciel (still love him, though he's already married.. he still the best leader..)
2. Matsumoto Jun - 嵐 (love him as sawada shin in gokusen.. and getting more and more love him in SMILE..)
3. Yamamura Ryuuta - flumpool (one of the talented vocalist that flip around my heart with his lyrics)
4. Mizushima Hiro (the second guy who left her, married.. such a perfect romantic guy.. *married to his wife coz he want to protect her*)
5. Tokui Yoshimi - Tutorial (ikemen geinin, love how he always smile)
*different background of ichiban*

(after kicked sho from top 5, now I kicked ueda too,, gomen ne..)
beside those 5 guys there still much more bishie to follow, such as; yaotome hikaru (wanna make him as an ototou), yabu kota, okada junichi, yuuta hiraoka, narimya hiroki, matsuda shota, mukai osamu, yamamoto yusuke, kaname jun, yamashita tomohisa, ikuta toma, koyama keiichiro, yamada ryosuke, kimura takuya, and many more..

as the result from watching so many dorama... it's make her addict to it..

not forget to mention, wicha is a member of these forum..
cielers.net (nick: w1eq4)
larcology.com (w13q4 - tetsujun)
kattunindonesia.com (ueda's hime)
inoarashi.com (matsushiro)
just active in those forums.. but still have a lot of account using tetsu69ers name..

if you're belong to those forum, feel free to add her.. also if you share the same interest with her..

update: so as you may see, she's now addicted to A-sketch artist aside from flumpool.. such as Weaver, One Ok Rock, Nico Touches the Walls, etc..
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02 February 2017 @ 11:03 pm
I just open my LJ again after years abandon.. just because I need to add friends to access their sub work.
Not that I don't want to write here or I find another place to write, but I just don't have time to. :(

so it's already day 2 of month 2 in 2017. It should be my month, but things already being mess here and there since 1st. Lost my colleague since he want to pursue his study, lost my 3 number since I forget to top up (there goes all the quota and bonuses I have since 9.. or 10 years ago - but in a process to get the number back tho), late on a meeting, trapped in long traffic. I just hope that it won't get worse compare to 2016 since my fortune tell me this year will be good (the fortune that I took at Shimogamo Jinja in Kyoto).

Although 2016 is maybe one of the worst year, I manage to fulfill my resolution. Which is 2x trip to Japan.. Now that I think back, it might not be a resolution, it's more as ambitions.. Hahaha.. Another resolution is to be more patient, guess I snap along the way but then I get back again. Haven't made for 2017 tho... I just gonna live with the flow for now..
My last entry was about the flumpool's For Roots concert in Summer 2015, but my concert wasn't only that. I also went to Summer Sonic in Tokyo, Makuhari Messe. The higlights from these event were, the venue is wide, they use all the hall in indoor (Makuhari Messe) and also the outdoor (QVC Marine field), it's so time consume to move from stage to stage. I manage to watch Generations, MFS (last live from Sho and Massack that I watched), Bluen (Yay for team BONEDS) Androp, RAD, Monoeyes, White Ash, The Telephones, Totalfat (manage to hand over the omiyage to Bunta and Shun), BIGMAMA (missed 1st song since their stage is so far on the beach side and make me skipped MWAM since they change the schedule *huhuhu* and can't give the omiyage I prepared cos the backstage was so tight), so then I stayed for Monkey Majik and ate mochi mochi potato to erase the disappointment of not getting MWAM. Mostly those who were in indoor area cos I'm too tired walking and it's too hot. Oh I also went to watch Imagine Dragons and Pharell just because I have hunched that NAOTO fr EXILE/3JSB and Micchan will be there (yes they were there but couldn't find them, probably they were in VIP room).

I guess my 2015 Summer trip was more on sightseeing, went to KOBE (the mountain area, not the seaside area), Ueno zoo (red panda!), going back and forth to Odaiba to visit Izakaya EXILE (only get LEOLA) but then my friend told me that Gene will have live on the Summer Gate Stadium for Fuji TV, so I go back for the next day. and I met Cookie, my from Thailand at Shibuya, just know that she's at Japan couple days before so we arranged to meet up there. Met Lia's cousin and her friends where one of her friend is my friend's (from work) friend.. such a small world.. hahahaha. oh I went to UKFC office but not meet anyone and also to Shun's photo exhibition at Nakameguro (which I forget that Nakameguro is LDH territory, but well I already went to Osaka's ETS twice couple days before).

I think' I'm gonna continue to 2016 trips on the next post, I hope I'm not too lazy to write it this weekend since it quite adventurous trip like I went to new perfectures (Kagawa, Ehime & Nagoya) and also I went during the season where I most weakest, Winter (cranky when cold). Which set some achievement inside of me.. LOL
10 August 2015 @ 01:44 am

2nd day of For Roots live in Oizumi Ryokuchi.


The theme today is Day of Sky. Today's sky is so bright so it fits with the theme. we went to the venue a bit noon and go straight to Yamachan Takoyaki stall in the flumpool's forest (it's the band favourite takoyaki, the real store is in Abeno-Tennoji area).


after that, we're just sitting under the tree in order to avoid the heat while listening to the rehearsal. we went in around 2, since this time we get not so good block (C3 #470ish) we plan to stay at really back so when the car pass thru we can get a closer look.


The opening is still the same, start with natsu dive continued with Quville.. *You molest yourself too much ryuta!* Can't believe I see it! that gesture.. *and I thought that yesterday was already hot* hahaha.. All went well today, no rain but the sun is freakin hot. They played more of the famous songs today. not getting teary at the songs, maybe because I've already get their support yesterday.. ohh they also played new coupling song from single, it called kimi ga ita kara.


During the break, I saw the manager-san behind me. Manage to say hi to him, I wish he recognize us as foreign fans :p


now I need to get my feet rest, already got blisters everywhere. made me difficult to walk.. :(


But anyway, I LOVE THIS TIME with flumpool


今、泣いて泣いていい。明日は晴れるから - きみがいたから

08 August 2015 @ 10:40 pm

By all means, I really want to write this thing I've been thru today.


Today, I went to Oizumi Ryoukuchi to attend flumpool's first ever outdoor live. Today's theme/title is Day of Green. I met Pat at doubutsuen mae station and go straight to shinkanaoka station, from there we walk to the venue. It's so spacious, and every area is used by flumpool for the live. They have several area that we can explore, not only stage area. First we went around, buy goods and CDs, then back to hostel to drop those goods. After that we're just sitting around, avoiding the sun *it's really so hot, I've already getting more black in just couple hours there*


On 13.00 we get in to the venue, we're in section B2 and we pick to stand on the rail, very near to the substage. And thank God, I finally get the chance to see Quville live! the song that made me curious about the vocalist and make me fall for him afterwards. It was so hot so I can't fully follow the furitsuke since I'm busy waving fan to myself. But the suddenly, lighting and thunder appeared. The sky become dark and halfway the show it was raining. It was happened when they played in the substage in front of me. seing Ryuta all drenched in the rain 😍


after finishing 3 songs in the substage, the rain is getting harder. さすが雨バンドですね~ Thay have to stop the live and wait till it stop. Thankfully I've learned from last year and already bring raincoat, so no rain can stop me. Around 30min later, the rain finally stopped amd  flumpool is back on the stage. But before that, they keep applogizing and ask us to wait patiently and to take care of ourself in the middle of the rain. After that the show went smooth, the flower baloon blooming on stage fits well with the condition (flower blooms after the rain) and the live ends with Hydrangea.


There's a lot of thing that Ryuta's said before starting a song that really made me think of my current condition. I was almost.. almost crying during taisetsuna mono, believers high, kimi ni todoke and My home town because its somewhat related to me. Ryuta's words really leaves a deep impression to me, "No matter how hard, how difficult, how sad you life is, we will keep supporting you thru our songs" Thank you so much for your words Ryuta. 行ってよかった.


「明日がある」たったそれだけで僕が生きる意味になって、そしてまた陽が照らすよ- Believer's High


btw, since Ryuta went a lot to the substage I think my eyes met his eye several times. Hope he'd recognize us as foreign fans. and he's so damn cute today, being all emotional. flumpool 大好き!


*photos to be put later*


 This is the story for my solo trip to Japan.. still have a lots of things to explore, next is Day of Sky.

Next festival was UKFC On The Road... Studio Coast!! so effin excited! I was kinda wish to attend a concert in this venue and then Totalfat - Bigmama - Alexandros announce that they will have final event with all of their bandmates under the same label (UKProject) at Studio Coast on our free day! Wooohoooo.. a dream come true..
It's a two days event.. and very satisfy with both days..Collapse )
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01 January 2015 @ 12:31 am

Well, I still owe many post of my new experience in 2014 but let me say this first...

Happy new year 2015

as a recap for 2014.. numerous moments with flumpool, including the thing that made me can go thru the year (and may it become my power to go thru 2015)... Summer Sonic (may I can experience more summer fes) , NICO budokan with interview experience *blush*, UKFC (still can't move on from the bands, am so not rejecting to go to this event again), bonus meet and greet with inoue joe.. my surgery, may I be healthier still have another pending one.. loads of trip to places that I wont imagine go there by my own expense, I might wanna visit korea again for its cosmetic shopping (although I'm not a make up user) and explore another Europe country, England maybe.. hahaha

too many things I wanna do in 2015, and this time need to have better cost management (or better salary.. hahaha)

oh, but need to finish all the pending entries...

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21 December 2014 @ 09:53 pm
Being too lazy to write recently but I know I need to write the awesomeness of my previous trip before my other trip.. wooohooo~

Btw, I didn't wrote about my Europe trip. Vienna - Praha - Germany, once in a lifetime experience because I never imagine to go there by my own expenses. hahaha. Beautiful city and country. Anyhow I'm not gonna talk about that, it's about trip 4 months after this.

Well this time me, and my friend, wordofophelia try out new things. Took new airline, stayed at share house and of course new concert venue \(^^)/

first summer festivalCollapse )
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04 October 2014 @ 03:08 pm
It's not a translation since all of the lyric is in English. They still need to fix their English tho, the music is already great. Anyway this is result of my 耳copy and read the text on the video. Just let me know if you hear it differently.

Listen to the Radio...Collapse )
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18 July 2014 @ 03:06 pm
I suddenly got a translate request of MFS new song Love Letter (3rd song from Black Rail single).. let me post the lyrics first, result of mimicopy so I hope it's close enough to the real lyric XD *tho I actually still addict with Black Rail instead of this song*


Love LetterCollapse )
will translate it this weekend *I hope* Translation done! feel free to correct me..
tbh, I still prefer Hanarenaiyo. It's more sweet, while this song is just like teenage love story.. Guess I'm just too old for this kinda love story.. Hahahaha
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31 December 2013 @ 11:59 pm
Just a recap on the events I went this year...

Started with Geinin event and ends with Dragon babies at festival in Jakarta :)
1. Tutorialism IV + Asia @*SCAPE Warehouse - January 25
2. Music Matters Live 2013 SID, flumpool, Weaver @Fountain stage Clarke Quay & Beer Market - May 23
3. flumpool Experience showcase @Shanghai Dolly - May 24
4. Dream Festival 2013 The Bawdies, Nico Touches the Walls, OOR, Androp, 9mm, White Ash @Yoyogi National Gym - September 22
5. Space Shower the World Straightener, The Back Horn, Bigmama, Tokyo Karankoron, The Salovers, Sakanamon @Hibiya open air - September 23
6. My First Story The Ending of The Beginning Tour Final @Liquidroom - September 28
7. Champagne We Don't Learn Anything Tour @Hip Shot Koriyama - September 29
8. flumpool 5th Anniversary For Our 1.826 Days & Your 43.824 Hours @Nippon Budokan - October 1, 2
9. OOR Who are you?? Who are we?? Tour @KL Live @Hardrock Coliseum @Lap. parkir Kolam Renang Senayan - November 21, 22, 24

10. JMusicLab Kaname Kawabata, TarO&Jiro @The Only One Club fx - November 16, December 7
11. Hyper Wave Festival Vamps @Lap. parkir Kolam Renang Senayan - November 29
12. Totalfat @Jakcloth Senayan - December 6
13. Earth x Heart Tokyo FM present AKG - Straightener 10th Anniversary Asia Circuit @*SCAPE Ground Theater - December 20
14. Weaver @Indonesia Japan Expo Kemayoran - December 22

Wow... なんかいっぱいあるね... 気付かなかった 笑
This year achievement was definitely me going to Japan.. twice.. ho ho ho. One was because of office trip, the other one was my selfishness of wanted to witness the 5th anniversary at 夢の場所.. It should be 3 times, but due my own stupidity -_-" oh well, just not my luck.. may it be repaid next year..

My wish for next year definitely going to more events and lives but still have a decent saving.. du du du ちょっと無理かもねでもできるだけ貯金していまーす and in additional getting more healthier :p

happy new year copy
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